A Brief History of Softwashing

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Today, softwashing is known as a highly effective and popular exterior cleaning method, but few people know about its history. In this article, our team here at Clean Freaks SoftWash would like to briefly cover the history of softwashing, including when it was invented, how it has improved over the years, and how it has revolutionized the cleaning industry.

A Brief History of Softwashing

Softwashing was first invented sometime in the early 1990s, although there’s some debate about which company was the very first to create a biodegradable chemical cleaning solution. Many different innovators and companies were striving to figure out an alternative to pressure washing, which was far too harsh on delicate surfaces, and by 1995, there were a variety of softwashing options on the market.

The main appeal of softwashing was that it could gently remove organic growths from virtually any outdoor surface, including roofs, sidewalks, siding, and more. As softwashing steadily rose in popularity, however, its equipment also became more advanced and customizable. By the early 2000s, softwashing companies were creating new types of nozzles, pumps, and spraying solutions to make softwashing easier and more effective. Around this time, innovators were also fine-tuning their cleaning agents to create solutions that would get rid of contaminants without posing any risks to the surfaces underneath.

Throughout the 2010s, more and more softwashing companies were created across the country, serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. Since softwashing methods could be used on nearly any outdoor surface, it became a convenient cleaning option that people could feel good about. Softwashing solutions today are eco-friendly, use far less water than pressure washing, and don’t pose any risks to people, pets, or plants.

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