Everything You Need to Know About Professional Softwashing Services

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Is your walkway, roof, deck, or other outdoor surface covered in harsh stains from different debris? Your garden hose and dish soap aren’t going to help you out with this kind of dirt. You need something stronger to make sure your outdoor surfaces are looking their best.

Everything You Need to Know About Professional Softwashing Services

You’ve probably heard of pressure washing as a method of cleaning off these surfaces, but this is not the best way to approach getting rid of contaminants like insects, mold, mildew, algae, and more. Pressure washing involves using a powerful jet of water to target dirt and debris, with the intense pressure acting as the main cleaning agent.

While pressure washing may chip away at some contaminants, its lack of a proper cleaning solution combined with its high pressure won’t adequately clean off your surfaces and can actually damage whatever it’s cleaning. Softwashing is different.

Softwashing uses a chemical cleaning agent to specifically target the debris that’s making your outdoor surfaces look bad. This chemical solution is designed to break down the different bacteria and grime without causing any damage to your home’s outdoor surfaces. After the solution is used, a much more controlled and gentle water spray washes the solution away without chipping away at your roof, walkway, or other surface.

Our professional softwashing services here at Clean Freaks SoftWash will keep your outdoor surfaces clean and intact for much longer than pressure washing can. If you’re sick of all of the grime and other contaminants making your outdoor surfaces dirty, reach out to us today.